Specification and report writing

An accurate and concise specification of a heritage ironwork project gives a realistic basis on which to quote, preventing the need for a post tender rewrite with potential for unexpected extra cost for the client.  It also gives a list of specific requirements to be expected from contractors that levels the playing field and should also help weed out companies without the skills needed.

We offer this service based on the marriage of our conservation awareness, craft skills and substantial experience in specifying and tendering for heritage work.

The need for accurate recording of all stages of conservation projects is now universally accepted.  Not only all decisions made over where and how to intervene, but also why any course of action was taken and what any alternatives may have been.

Without regular maintenance, relevant to the items and their location, even the best coating system will eventually fail and corrosion begin.  A detailed set of recommendations would form part of any final report.

We offer these services as standard on all heritage projects.