In this case, new handles were required to match existing handles, that would be attached to the back of a modern door.  Careful attention to detail and painstaking work was required to get a functional and accurate match

In this example, we had to create a new set of rails to match existing railings, without ever having seen the original.  We had to work from drawings and dimensioned photographs.

At Cardigan Castle, we had to replicate new railings that had deteriorated beyond repair, as well as decipher and re-make new items that had corroded on the gates and balcony sections.


Where elements of heritage ironwork are missing, or a new item to blend in with existing ironwork is required, it is vital to have the full range of traditional skills necessary to create them. Our focus on traditional forgework and blacksmithing skills gives us the tools and craft knowledge to be able to achieve this.

Typical examples of replication work we have encountered are;​​