Cardigan Castle Main Railings

The heavy curved railings attached to the main gateposts where totally rotted away at the bases of every upright. It was specified that one side was beyond repair and should be replaced in mild steel, which was done using the original traditional forging methods to replicate the original. This decision gave us a stock of contemporary iron which we used to create stock for many of the other repairs, including the other side, while clearly marking where this had been used to avoid confusing future conservators. We left some of the wasting on the uprights to leave a clear indication of the damage that had been sustained, retaining as much as possible of the historical record while returning the railings to their original function

One of the slate pillars had shifted slightly while we had the railings in our workshops which presented some interesting challenges on reinstallation, the resourcefulness and flexibility required to deal with this sort of issue is something we pride ourselves on.